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My thoughts and opinions

WordCamp Brighton

6AM Wake up, 6 hour drive, a classic road trip soundtrack and some great fish and chips. This was the beginning of my...

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CSS: Building the Future

So this weekend I was lucky enough to go to the WordCamp London conference to build on my knowledge of how much you...

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Customise your WordPress website

So recently at work, me and my team have been working a lot more with WordPress's Customiser. This is something...

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Users aren't as Techy as you'd wish!

UX design has become more important in recent years. We've realised that we are not the user and have a much larger...

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The Battle of the CMS - Wix vs WordPress

In the last few years it's been a common fact that more people are building their own sites using different CMS...

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The worries of taking on an unknown site

As a freelancer I know the fear of taking on a new client, and them bringing across a website that's out-of-date!

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Here's to a simpler 2017

Like every year there are new and exciting trends to look forward to in web design.... Or maybe light-sabers might...

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My Choice of Framework

Bootstrap. Foundation. BootMetro. Kickstrap and many more. However why do I use my favourite framework?

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What is Front End Development?

The frontend of a website is the part people see and interact with. It consists of Design, Development, UX and...

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