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22 August 2019

WordCamp Brighton

6AM Wake up, 6 hour drive, a classic road trip soundtrack and some great fish and chips. This was the beginning of my journey to WordCamp Brighton.

This post is over two years old, so the details may be out of date.

Being part of the WordPress community has been a fantastic experience for me, so this year I felt that becoming more involved within WordCamps was essential, which led me to Brighton in August.

So we started on a Thursday? early. Driving from Cardiff to Hastings, with a few very much needed coffee stops, awaiting the Fish & Chips promised to me with my fellow colleagues in Hastings. Then after a catchup and full stomachs, we continued our journey to sunny Brighton.

Day One

In our communal kitchen we met at 8:15, and our day began. Finding breakfast (coffee especially) to wake ourselves up, and then onwards to the venue.

Arranged in the hall, you were instantly given a bag of WordCamp swag, which is always a integral part, and then we had some time to look around the Sponsor Hall.

The next 7.5 hours were filled with interesting and engaging talks.

From learning about time saving with the command line (Keith Hyde @keithage) to Useful Accessibility Tool (Graham Armfield @coolfields), we walked away from all talks with something to discuss in depth as a group.

The lightning talks of the day were also very insightful, with talks on How to give constructive feedback to your team (Sarah Pantry @anigeluk), How to improve your sites performance ( Mauricio Gelves @maugelves) and finally how to correctly use SVG?s (Tom J Nowell @Tarendai).

After a busy first day, the team ventured off to meet with some friends for some well deserved food and drink.

Day Two

Saturday started off early once again, and with coffee giving us the energy boost we needed, we were off to our second/last day at WordCamp!

Again before the talks we spoke to other attendees and got ourselves organised, before going our separate ways to talks by passionate and knowledgeable individuals.

Today was the day for Wordpress Performance (Sabrina Zeldan @sabrina_zeidan, Pitor Bak), Learning more on Gutenburg (Alain Schlesser @schlessera), the Ethics and Morals in Development (Chris Brosnan @cd_brosnan), dealing with Imposter Syndrome (Dan Maby @danmaby) and working with Web Components (Fellyph Cintra @fellyph).

While a whole lot of information to be processed, our team walked away feeling more passionate about Wordpress and the community,

The After Party

Onto the after party at Oh So Social. Situated on the beach front, this great location gave us a more relaxed chance to meet others and socialise.

It?s also where my side profession came into practice. Busting some moves.

With great music, dancing, socialising, meeting some amazing people (including Melin Edo @melin_edo) and glitter (always important), it was the perfect end to a busy, yet insightful weekend.

Seeing how far Wordpress has come in the last few years while being involved with this fantastic community, filled me with confidence and determination to keep striving, and also to make sure I stay an active part of this tech sector.

I will always keep striving to push onwards and upwards, while delivering the best products possible.

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