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6 January 2017

Here's to a simpler 2017

Like every year there are new and exciting trends to look forward to in web design.... Or maybe light-sabers might finally happen... Either way I'll be happy

This post is over two years old, so the details may be out of date.

I feel like design has changed dramatically in the last few years. Gone are the years where designers were seen as 'floofy' and just putting pretty things together, and now they are more optimized and used with the tools they have progressed with. This has been amazing to be apart of and see.

Towards the end of the last year I noticed more websites were removing the dramatics, and just showcasing the sites content and making the purpose shine a hell of a lot more, which I believe it the biggest advantage so far. This is something I think we'll see more of in 2017...

Content is the star

Now don't get me wrong, websites like Pottermore (Yeah I'm a Harry Potter Fan, don't judge muggle) are absolutely beautiful, with it's colours, interaction and UX as a whole. However I'm also a huge fan of websites that are more minimalist and 'to the point', such as HelloIt'sCharlie are becoming more and more popular.

Designers are starting to use the content to entice their users by highlighting the content in an efficient and exciting way. I can't wait to see what comes with 2017.

More cohesive workers

Now, I can fully admit that sometimes, when building a site, I have found it difficult to work with designers as sometimes it's hard to make their vision a reality, and you both think you know better. However over the last few months I have found myself working with designers a lot closer and realising that this is their vision, and it's my job to make this a reality.

I've spoken to a few developers and have found that this is a common attitude with developers. Hopefully this can change in 2017.

Light it up!

My final hope is that colour makes a comeback. Big, bright, vibrant websites need to become more common. I think black and white seemed to be the trend of 2016 as many designer felt this is what 'minimalist' meant. NO! I can't scream that loud enough. What's more eye-catching than some amazing colours all mixing together to make a website harmonious, fun and inviting. Come on Designers! Pack a site with some punch while also keeping the minimalist theme! This is what modern is all about!

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