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Be warned - this post is over two years old, so the details may be out of date!

3 December 2016 Reading: less than 1 minute

What is Front End Development?

The frontend of a website is the part people see and interact with. It consists of Design, Development, UX and Accessibility

Front end has changed in recent years. When I graduated from University it was in a design degree, but within the first three months I was told I needed to learn how to code HTML and CSS to be a great designer.

After realising I had a passion for development I wanted to go further into the world of UX.

So what is front-end?

The Front in front-end stands for everything you see on screen. The HTML, CSS, JQuery, and graphics are the parts most commonly associated with the role. This is the code that is processed on your computer or mobile, it decides how things will look and how it will work with older versions of software.

As a front end developer I need to take a design, whether created by myself or by another, and adapt it to work on all devices. There's many different things to take into consideration:

  • Loading time, and making sure the user won't have to wait for their information
  • High quality graphics
  • Touchscreen elements to build on UX
  • How can I add a bit of WOW factor with animations or JavaScript.

So to finalise. Front-end development is the creation of what you see on the screen. Making sure everything you use, whether it's the menu, a page or a contact form, works perfectly so your UX is a satisfying one.