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4 September 2022

My pick of 6 must have Craft CMS Plugins

Plugins are used across all CMS’s to add functionality to your site. Craft’s Plugin store has grown over the last few years, so I’ve put together my pick of the six must have plugins for any Craft CMS site.


SEO­mat­ic facil­i­tates mod­ern SEO best prac­tices & imple­men­ta­tion for Craft CMS 3 & 4.

As a system it is flexible by implementing Schema microdata, HTML Meta Tags, Twitter Social Cards, Facebook Social Cards, Humans.txt authorship accreditation and much more.

You can also add your tracking scripts via the plugin, which makes sure these do not run on any environment except for production.

There is also a SEOmatic field available in which you can change SEO data per page in an effective way.


Retour effectively allows you to add redirects for your site so you don’t lose SEO value when building your site.

The Dashboard subpage lets you see which urls have been viewed and sent to the 404 page. You can then add redirects where applicable to limit these numbers directly from the page.

The Redirect subpage lets you add static redirects, either individually or importing a CSV. The redirects can be added as an exact match or by RegEx match­ing of URL pat­terns.

Retour will also automatically create a redirect for you if you change an entries slug, or move an entry around in a structure.


Navigation lets you manage navigation menus for your Craft site. It supports linking to multiple elements such as entries, categories, assets, tags, products & custom urls.

When creating a new navigation you can choose how many levels and how many nodes the menu is allowed. You can also add fields to each menu which would be available on each menu item, which is great for individual styling or custom attributes.

Navigation also is equipped to monitor any changes to your linked elements. So if a title or status is changed, it’ll automatically update the menu for you.

CP Field Inspect

CP Field Inspect helps make content modelling a bit easier within Craft 3 & 4 for Developers.

It adds a cogwheel button to each field handle which, when clicked, redirects you to the field settings page. This helps you make small changes quickly and then come straight back to the content.

This plugin also adds a button to the entry sidebar, which will redirect you to the Entry Type settings so you can modify the layout quickly as well.


Redactor adds a new rich WYSIWYG editor as a field that is powered by Redactor 3 by Imperavi.

It uses its own PHP file so you can add multiple configs which display different options such as lists, images, videos etc.

Super Table

Accordion Example

Super Table adds a new field which is a mix between a Table & Matrix field. It can be used as a content builder, or together with a Matrix to create a flexible entry.

There’s no current way to natively have nested Matrix fields in Craft CMS, and this is where Super Table can push your content to higher levels. For example when developing accordions, you can use a Super Table field, within a Matrix, to create a reusable accordion item.

My final thoughts

Each of these plugins will help supercharge your Craft Site as well as improving user experience, improving SEO, increasing engagement and delivering a better experience to your website.

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