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7 December 2016

My Choice of Framework

Bootstrap. Foundation. BootMetro. Kickstrap and many more. However why do I use my favourite framework?

This post is over two years old, so the details may be out of date.

In 2011 Twitter released their Bootstrap framework, and since then it's become the no.1 framework among designers and developers alike. I've found myself becoming a firm fan of this framework when designing and building websites due to its beautiful grid system and amazing mobile optimization.

Surprisingly though it was never meant to to be web development framework. It was meant to optimize Twitters features through your site easily and efficiently, giving you a broad stylesheet and large amount of Jquery, which actually come in handy with building a site as well.

It gives you a twelve column grid system, which is easy to design to and build on. This system adapts to the size of your device, so whether it's a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, making the best mobile performance you can hope for. With over 75% of users now browsing on a mobile device, and google now optimising the mobile friendly sites first, this makes bootstrap even more of a great framework.

What it also does is mean when designing a site I can make sure the design I give to the client will match the build I will end up with. Thus being the perfect end of a build.

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